Young Geoscientists Council

What we do

What does the council do?

We as the Young Geoscientists’ council are here for you! If you have suggestions for courses, social events or other activities, feel free to contact us! Also, if you have any questions regarding your work as a PhD, junior lecturer or junior researcher at our Faculty, do contact us. We would love to hear from you.

So what do we do? We try to be:

1. Guidepost
Are you feeling lost on what to do with a research or lecturer-related issue? Ask us! If we don’t have the answer ourselves, we will help you find the people that do.
2. PhD representation
We represent the PhD candidates, junior lecturers and junior researchers at the Faculty level, by discussing junior-related research and teaching issues.
3. Career events
We organize a number of activities for you in order to increase your academic, professional, transferable, and social skills.
4. Social events
We work at a big and diverse faculty with many junior employees. Therefore, we organize social events such as drinks, movie nights, and sport activities so you can meet other young researchers and lecturers in the faculty.


How can you reach us?

Teams: You are invited to join our Teams page, which is where we share our events and other information, too. Any PhD or Junior Lecturer is welcome to make their own post there! Or you can look up the YGC’s members and send them a personal message.

Email: Reach the YGC directly at