Young Geoscientists Council


Sign up: Book event January 24th

Dear PhD’s, Junior Lecturers and Junior Researchers, 


Please join us in our book club event! We are giving away three books (10 copies each) FREE for the lucky winners! One title is about productive writing in academia, one about secrets for a happy life, and one is a wonderful biography: 

If any of the titles above catch your interest, you can sign up for the book discussion and have a chance to win one of the books above using the following form: (Book Giveaway and Discussion ( This form closes on Monday, Dec 05th, so please enter the giveaway before then to be eligible. Once the winners have been (randomly) selected we will get in touch with you about picking up your book.  

**Note that it is unfortunately not feasible for us to ship the books directly to your home, so we ask the winners to collect their books at the VMA, Utrecht Science Park.  

Of course, we hope to see all the winners (and anyone interested) at the book discussion that will be on Jan 24th, at 4 PM.   

What do I get out of it? A useful book, and a chance to discuss these topics and share experiences with your peers. One member of the Young Geo Council will moderate the sessions. 

What is expected when I sign up? This is supposed to help you, it isn’t meant to be homework. So if you want to focus on specific chapters, or only read your book with a specific framing, that is more than fine! We do hope that you do show up for the discussion and share whatever it is that you got out of the reading. ?