Young Geoscientists Council


November Newsletter

Dear PhD’s, Junior Lecturers and Junior Researchers, 

The days are getting darker and the temperatures are dropping, which can only mean one thing: we need holidays and events to get us through the winter months! Of course, Sint Maarten, Carnaval, Sinterklaas and Christmas are nice, but we have some more for you: 


November 18th, 7:30 PM (we start the quiz at 7:30 but you can get there earlier). 

Ouwe Dikke Dries, Waterstraat 32. You can sign up through this form. If you want to be on a team with your friend(s), you can specify that. If you are happy to be surprised, we will assign you to a team! 

We will get everybody started with a few rounds of drinks, the event does not include food. 

PS: For the people in SD/Copernicus, this is not the same thing as the drinks social on the same day, this is faculty-wide. AND they do not overlap, you can easily do both!  

Monthly Pizza Lunches 

Every first Monday of the month, we will be serving pizza! For Free?Check our Teams channel to see where we are hosting the pizza lunches (see below the code to join the Team). Next month it will be on Monday 6th of December. 

So, when you hear the air raid siren testing at 12 o’clock the first Monday of the month, you’ll know its pizza time! 


Call for members 

Right now, the council consists of 6 members from the 4 different departments. For more info, and to see which members are from which department, see our website. We are looking for PhD candidates and junior lecturers and researchers to join us and help us organize events! 


So, if you think you’ll enjoy organizing events for your fellow PhD’s and other Geoscientists, represent PhD’s to the Faculty boards and all together make our Faculty a better (work)place, we are looking for you! 


For more information, or to have a little talk, feel free to contact the council (YoungGeoscientistCouncil@uu.n), the member from your departmentor Liz our Chair. Her office is in the fort, or email to We look forward to hearing from you 🙂 

Alongside this newsletter and our website, we will share news and information, for instance about upcoming events, through our MS Teams, click here to join. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events! 


If you have encountered a problem, have a good idea for an event, would like to help us organize an event, or even join the council, feel free to contact us through our email. We would love to hear from you! 

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